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The 100 Club

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What is The 100 Club?

Antenna Radios The 100 Club is a unique radio air-time offer.

$100 / per week

100 ad plays per month

Website Adverts

Social Media Adverts

Advertising with Antenna Radio

We broadcast to thousands of people across the US, Canada and UK.  Most radio stations run intrusive advertising programmes which are less effective and lose them listeners. We have: 

  • Thousands of listeners on our Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV apps as well as other TV and smart speakers
  • Thousands of website hits monthly
  • A brilliant app for listeners on the go
  • Active social media channels
  • Available on Digital Radio

As a digital first company, we do things differently to other radio and media organizations.

The fist thing is we don’t have ‘sales reps’ and ‘advertising executives’, so we keep our prices substantially lower than other stations.

We use online services (like Gumroad) to process our sales and payments.

If you don’t have a radio advert ready to go, we can supply one staring at a special rate of $100 (this is a $99 saving) when you are a 100 club member.

Unlike other companies, we actually want you to see and hear the benefit, so feel free to listen to us for a while.


This offer is based on a 7 day week and 4 week month (working Monday to Sunday). This price is based on $100 per week multiplied by 52 weeks and then divided by 12 months to calculate the monthly price. This promotion may be withdrawn at any time to new members or once we have 100 club members. 100 club members can supply updated adverts each month based on their campaigns. New adverts that are commissioned will be charged at $100 for a thirty second advert with one voice and basic backing soundtrack, additional voices and music are charged extra. We want to ensure this is transparent for all.

  • As a member of The 100 Club you will get…

  • Ad Plays Per Month
  • Cost Per Week
  • As a member of The 100 Club you will get…
  • Ad Plays Per Month100
  • Cost Per Week$100
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